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Ethiopia, West Tigray Road Open For Traffic

Two road projects that connect east and west part of Tigray regional state, in northern Ethiopia opened for traffic. The May Tsebri – Shire and Dima -Fiyel Wuha road projects, which covered a total...


Abreha We Atsbeha Church

A newly built gravel road leads to the church of Abreha We Atsebha, which is situated 15 km west of Wukro. The church is cut into the red rock overlooking the valley and stands...

Ethiopia - Gheralta, Tigray landscape

Debretsion (Abune Abraham)

The church of Debretsion is not far from Degum, the village considered by many as the most appropriate camping place to explore the rock-hewn churches of Gheralta. Degum is 29 kms west of Wukro...