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Kiros Alemayehu – Aymenekuwan

Kiros Alemayehu – Habi-Kirar KIROS ALEMAYEHU – Looking back at his life, part 1 of 4 Kiros Alemayehu – Shila Nay Semay Kiros Alemayohu – TE-aGes Radio Snit Weekly Program – In memory of...


Kiros Alemayohu Interview

Kiros Alemayohu was one the most talented artists in Ethiopia. He was the most original and visionary Tigraigna artist and highly appreciated by his many fans. The following information is scanned from WEGAHITA magazine....


What do people have to say about Kiros

What do people have to say about Kiros Bahlee Tigrai Bokkilla…. GiMeley Gimeley (aha, aha) GiMeL NaBerahle… were lines from his earliest songs that fueled patriotic sentiments of the Tigrian youth when the stocky,...