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Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant, Axum

Made even more famous by Indiana Jones , the “Lost Ark” has long been one of the great mysteries of antiquity. The biblical Ark of the Covenant mysteriously disappeared from Jerusalem sometime before Christ....


About Tigray

Tigray is bordered by Eritrea to the north (independent from Ethiopia since 1993), Sudan to the west, the Afar Region to the east and the Amhara Region to the south. Besides Mek’ele, other major...


King Ezana (Abreha)

Abreha, also known as King Ezana, was a fourth-century c.e. king who converted to Christianity and subsequently established this faith as the state religion in Axum (Aksum), part of modern-day Ethiopia.


Debre Damo Monastery

Debre Damo is the name of a flat-topped mountain, or amba, and a 6th century monastery in northern Ethiopia. The mountain is steeply rising plateau of trapezoidal shape, about 1000 by 400 meters in...


Tigrai rock hewn churches

Over 125 rocks hewn churches are recorded in Tigray region. The rock churches of Tigrai do not function primarily as tourist attraction they were generally excavated using a very different method from that at...

Travel Tigray

Travel Tigray

Practically unknown to other Ethiopians –let alone the out side world -before 1966 the rock hewn churches of Tigray have been described by Ivy Pearce as “the greatest of the historical cultural heritage of...