A father and son winnow teff in Tigray, Ethiopia.Credit Getty Images

Is Teff the New Super Grain?

When Laura Ingalls, an avid runner from Boston, found out after a routine blood test that she was iron-deficient, she turned to the kitchen instead of the medicine cabinet: She started eating teff. A...


Atse Yohannes Hotel

Atse Yohannes Hotel Mekelle No.of Rooms – 50 No.of Beds – 60 Phone – 034 440 6760 034 440 6762 Sit on the balcony of the Atse Yohannis Hotel(situated near Ethiopian Telecomms building, on...


Axum Hotel (Four Star)

The Axum Hotel is a luxury, high-rise hotel located in the heart of Mek’ele. It is owned by a hotel of the same name in Addis Abba, Ethiopia’s capital. The Axum has a cavernous...