Abraha Castle Hotel

Abreha Castle Hotel is set in a 19th century stone castle on a hill overlooking the town. It's an attractive hotel, with a well-positioned bar and decent restaurant.

Why someone should visit Mekele City

Mekelle city is one of the ancient and most pleasant places to visit in Ethiopia. It is located between altitudes of 2000-2200 meters above sea level and has a moderate climatic condition.The average annual rainfall ranges from 50-250mm and the average mean temperature is 19 degree celsius. It has a total population of 200,000 out of which 91.3 are followers of Orthodox Christianity.

The people are nice, the streets are wide and good for walking. As a visitor, one of the most pleasant things about visiting Mekelle is the lack of hassle from the people - there are no crowds following you, no calling out of 'you, you' or 'money, money'. People very pleasantly leave you alone. Mekelle is one of the safest places in Ethiopia, Africa and the rest of the world.

Within 80 kilometers of Mekelle there are over 120 rock hewn churches, which makes Mekelle a stop off point or central resting place. She is the seat of a historical palace called Atse Yohannes IV Palace named after the famous King who ruled Ethiopia from 1872-1889. Nowadays the Palace is serving as a museum and the fantastic throne of Atse Yohannnes IV made by the Italian engineer Giacomo Nareri in 1874 is the eye catching centerpiece of the museum.

Mekelle has also a quite imposing and impressive castle called Dejatch Abraha's Castle built around 1906.Located at the heart of the city it is very much similar to a medival castle of England or other parts of Europe. Nowadays the castle is serving as a Hotel.

A perfect place to stay at Mekelle include Axum Hotel,Hil Top Hotel, Milano Hotel, Abrha Castle Hotel, Atse Yohannes Hotel,Alula Aba Nega Hotel and Seti Hotel.

The shared development vision of Mekelle is" Seeing our city being a center of industry and commerce,education and culture,wherein poverty would be reduced and effective governance promoted and prevailed."

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Kistay #2 - By Girmay Gebru

በጋዜጠኛና ደራሲ ግርማይ ገብሩ የተሰናዳው ‹‹ክስታይ›› ቅጽ ሁለት መጽሐፍ ገበያ ላይ ውሏል፡፡ መጽሐፉ የአገሪቱን ፖለቲካዊና ማኅበራዊ ሥርዓቶች በወግ አዋዝቶ መልዕክቱን የሚያስተላልፍ ነው፡፡

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Kistay-2 by Girmay Gebru $20.00

መጽሐፉ በቅድሚያ የተመረቀው ግንቦት 28 ቀን 2006 ዓ.ም. መቐለ በሚገኘው ፕላኔት ሆቴል በተደረገ ሥነ ሥርዓት ሲሆን፣ በአዲስ አበባ ደግሞ በሀገር ፍቅር ቴአትር አዳራሽ ሰኔ 8 ቀን 2006 ዓ.ም. በድጋሚ ተመርቋል፡፡

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