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"Should the identity of the person who initiated the construction of GERD be of great concern to us? Is that important that Alemayehu takes issue with the fact that the Dam project was started by Meles Zenawi? T he idea of building Dams or diverting the Blue Nile is as ancient as Pharaohnic period. We have come a long way from such ancient ideas. We live now in the age of advanced technology—with advanced knowhow in controlling and harnessing the fury of nature to our benefit. Is it possible that Alemayehu is totally misreading the reality on the ground concerning our need for the use of our Abay River (Blue Nile) water?"

" “Researchers from the British Geological Survey and University College London have for the first time mapped the aquifers, or groundwater, across the continent and the amount they hold. ‘The largest groundwater volumes are found in the large sedimentary aquifers in the North African countries Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan,’ the scientists said in their paper.” The experts have estimated in their pioneering and highly scientific research that the reserves “of groundwater across the continent are 100 times the amount found on its surface, or 0.66 million cubic kilometers.” There is no way Egypt would suffer from lack of fresh water. It is sitting right on top of one of the great reservoir of fresh water. All it n eeds to do to supplement any shortage of water if at all any from the GERD, is simple dig wells."