Emergency response task force for displaced Tigreans (English)

All Tigreans and Friends

Due to the violent crisis in some parts of the Amhara region in Ethiopia, more than eight thousand Tigreans have been displaced and fled to the Sudan. They have now in repatriated to the Tigray region.

In response to this crisis, some concerned Tigreans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area have established the Emergency Response Task Force for Displaced Tigreans. With its principal office location in Arlington Virginia, the Emergency Response Task Force has established a Displaced Tigreans Fund through fund-raising activities directed at concerned Ethiopians and friends in the North America in support of these displaced Tigreans.

This effort is being conducted in accordance with all 501(c)(3) regulations and all funds contributed to the Displaced Tigreans Fund will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

In view of that, the Emergency Response Task Force for Displaced Tigreans has organized a fundraising event for October 2, 2016. All Tigreans and friends residing in the Washington DC metropolitan area are cordially invited to stand united and to show solidarity to the violently displaced people by participating on this 2nd October 2016, 2:00 PM fundraising event at the Ethiopian Community Hall (ECDC); 903 South Highland Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204. Tigreans and friends in other states and cities of USA and Canada are welcome to show your unity and solidarity by calling at the phone numbers listed below.

Please kindly donate to the Displaced Tigreans Fund
901 South Highland Street, #:301, Arlington, VA 22204

  • Make check or money order payable to the Displaced Tigreans Fund; or
  • Donate through direct bank deposit to Bank of America, Displaced Tigreans Fund
    Account #: 435029046979 and Routing #: 051000017; or
  • Donate through money transfer system using the Task Force email; or
  • Donate through the bill pay money transfer system from your personal bank
    account using the Displaced Tigreans Fund office address.

Please email or mail your donation’s confirmation with your contact information

Emergency Response Task Force for Displaced Tigreans
Phone #: (301) 787-9869, (571) 242-7749, (703) 956-0610, (571) 344-1335

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